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About us

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destin is an Italian brand, which through the search for precious yarns and specific textile treatments, creates unisex garments such as scarves and overshirts, in order to offer an informal and fashionable clothing. An avant-garde aesthetic imbued with a touch of timeless elegance, where softness is essential.

“We make precious clothes using nobel fibers through craftsmanship, so you don’t feel the urge to replace them”


Scarves, overshirts and much more entirely made in Italy

destin, a brand created on the road

It was 2008. I had just finished developing my idea of large scarves made from precious and lightweight weaves, with a distressed design and extreme finish. In other words, the complete opposite of classic old style, completely innovative compared to the products on the market. Following my intuition, I produced a few scarves and decided to ship them to my dear friend in Tokyo, Yashiki Hideharu, who is a fashion scouter and distributor in Japan. I handed them over to the courier, and that was the last I thought about them. It was time to go on holiday. I left for Florida. At Fort Lauderdale I hired a Harley Davidson Road King and headed helmetless for the road; only in America.

It was the 20th of August. There were vast open roads, endless horizons and lots to think about. My phone rang. It was an enthusiastic Yashiki, telling me that my scarves were perfect for a mature yet demanding market such as Japan. “They are really special, they are something that nobody has thought of yet.” To talk to him I stopped the bike in a clearing on the Interstate 98, which was heading towards Pensacola. Yashiki started to press me: “They need a name, we must find a brand name!” I wasn’t prepared, I hadn’t even thought about it; I knew everything about the production, but when it came to all the rest I was floored. Suddenly I looked around. In front of me was a sign that read “Destin, the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”. What a stroke of luck! “Destin,” I said to Yashiki in disbelief, “the brand is Destin.” And that was how the adventure began

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